Guild Challenge

RYQG challenge

Aren’t these beautiful fabrics?  Doesn’t your mind get filled with ideas of how to use them?

Our guild is having a quilt show in early April and there is always a challenge for the members to participate in for the show.  I’ve had this fabric since May of last year.  I’ve always known what I wanted to make, but life truly did get in the way.

Of course, there are rules about what you must and must not do.

  •  Rule #1 – hand in finished challenge piece at the Feb meeting.  (Feb 27th).                                           Nothing like leaving things to the last minute.  I think I can get it completed.
  • Rule #2  – must not be larger than 18″ x 24″.                                                                                                    So little time, so a little project is good.  
  • Rule #3  – new fabrics may be included, but all the original fabrics must be easily visible in the challenge piece.                                                                                                                                               The original colours were the print with the purple and orange.  I’ve added the blue and green.
  • Work to your strengths and imagination.
  • Have fun.

Now, what pattern am I going to use you ask?   I can’t tell you because all the entries must remain anonymous until the voting is finished (at March meeting).  What I can tell you is that I found this little pattern gem on a blog belonging to a fellow participate of the 2018 New Bloggers Blop Hop that was hosted last May.  That person is Liz who blogs at this cool savoreverystitch.

Can you guess which one it is?   I’ll  post a  picture of my hopefully completed challenge entry in March.    Til then, happy quilting.




I’m glad to be back

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged and truth be told, I was so sick I didn’t miss blogging, I didn’t miss my longarm or domestic machines, and I didn’t miss fabric.  For someone who did all of those things daily, that’s quite an admission.  Although, towards the end of my hospital stay, I did do a bit of hand piecing.  It was a UFO project from a couple of years ago.



The pattern is called Chain Link by ivan and lucy .  My copy of the pattern is back from 2014.  I couldn’t find it on their blog, but they do have the pattern in their esty shop.



The new year saw me gaining my strength back daily.  I now feel like my old self.  I attended my first guild meeting.  I even did blocks for our BOM draw.  Because of a low turnout due to bad weather, the draw for Jan will take place at Feb meeting…… Sure would like to win these.  It’s a great way to use up your scraps.

RYGC BOM Jan      RYGC BOM Jan draw


I sewed a dog bed up on my domestic and gathered up 2 green bags of fabric and batting scraps to use as filling,

I sewed the chain blocks together,20190201_163954

This will be a modern asymetrical layout.  White on both sides.  I plan to quilt the chain design in the great amount of negative space I will have.

And I finished off that charity quilt that got left on my longarm back in early July  ( 3 bleeps ) with half a row to go.

In July my machine needed to be sent to Utah for an upgrade. She came back in September. Due to my health I wasn’t able to have her installed properly in the home until the first of January. 6 months is a long time to be away from quilting.   I’m certainly rusty with my technique, but I know I will improve as I get more quilts done.

Hopefully I’m back to posting more regularly.