Another Burgoyne Surrounded Finished


During a particularity difficult time last year, 5 of my friends came to my home and quilted with me every month.   I posted about  it in “Surrounded by Friends”.

Here is another finish from that quiltalong…. Lynn used modern fabrics.  I just love the fabrics she chose.  She finished the quilt so it could hang in our latest guild show.

I always find it amazing how the choice of fabrics can alter the same quilt pattern so entirely.

Here are pictures of the other completed quilts…… we’re still missing one Nora.

Jeans BGbettys-bs.jpg

Surrounded by Friends

2 thoughts on “Another Burgoyne Surrounded Finished

  1. Hi Linda! WOWEE – I would never guess this was the exact same pattern until studying them closely. Fabric sure does make a HUGE difference. And stitching surrounded by friends – nothing sounds better to me. I am blessed to do it with my bestie all the time. Happy Monday! ~smile~ Roseanne


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