Throwback Thursday

Falling Leaves………….

dupioni silk contemporary quilt (leaves)

I made this quilt during my contemporary phase…..somewhere around 2005. Prior to the Modern quilt movement.   I was not being challenged by traditional quilts and sought something new.

I looked through so many contemporary books, but wasn’t sure I could do them because I can’t “draw” for the life of me…. I don’t remember the title of the particular book this pattern was in, but when my hectic summer finishes and I clean and sort the studio, I will find the book and post the author.  It has many more wonderful ideas in it.

What I do remember about this quilt is the fun I had making the leaves. Also the fun I had breaking the “traditional” rules.   Because I was left to my own imagination when it came to fabric choices,  I was a bit  braver than normal.

Because the leaves are 3D and floating on their backgrounds, I wanted something that would hold it’s shape.  I searched my stash and found various shades of fleece.  I had been using that as backing to some corduroy quilts I had been making from old pants.  I fused 2 layers together and then free hand cut the leaf shapes.  Such freedom…

Now what fabrics did I have in my stash that would highlight those leaves? I found some sage green Dupioni  silk and some pin whale corduroy.  Did I dare mix fleece, Dupioni silk and pin whale corduroy in a quilt?  What would the quilt police say?  At this point I got really brave and said….”I don’t care.  I’m using them anyway!”

The fleece leaves now float on pin whale corduroy.  The spine of the leaf is the only place the leaf is attached to the background.  These individual leaves are framed with Dupioni Silk.  I love the shinny affect of this silk.   The outer border is pin whale corduroy.  I used the rest of my fleece for the backing.  Because of the weight of these fabrics, there is no batting.

Minimal quilting was done to stabilize the quilt.  I remember thinking “when I get better at machine quilting I will come back and do some detailed quilting  on the silk”.  That never happened.  It’s home now is in Calgary with my oldest daughter.  I sleep under it when I visit.

I’ll be linking up with Sandra at mmm!quilts



3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Hi Linda! I heard the quilt police was still looking for you . . . but I’m not saying where you are! Love this, especially the silk. How nice that you still get to enjoy it! That is fabulous. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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