Throwback Thursday

Moms quilt


A little lost history found…… continuation.

After writing that blog about finding more history behind my Mother’s Key West quilt, I was reminded that many years ago I had started a quilt that was similar …..






It was called “Whirl” by Mary Maguire.  Mary’s colours are soft florals with stripes meeting in the corners to produce a pin wheel effect.  I think it could also be described as a kaleidoscope quilt.



I never have been a “soft floral” type, so I looked in my stash. What striped fabric did I have.  At that time my stash contained many yards of fabric from back in the days when Fabricland had a buy 1 yd get 2 yd free.  (What year did we change to metric?)  There were four different prints in the line, so I bought 1 yard of each and came home with 12 yards of fabric.



I remembered there was a striped fabric in there.  This collection of fabric would be great.

So I started sewing……………..



Like so many of my projects, it became a UFO and was relegated to the back of the shelf.  I think I had completed 10 blocks.  I really can`t say how many years it sat there, but when looking at Mom`s quilt and talking about the pattern,  my inspiration to finish the quilt was awakened.

I was fortunate to be able to spend time at a cottage with a quilting friend the second week of July.  We had a great time swimming, eating and quilting.  Our machines were set up in the living room to entire week.  One of the projects I brought to work on was my `whirl` quilt.  I managed to get the other 10 blocks finished and the rows sewn together.  Here is the result………….

Whirl flimsy

It still needs a border.  Now that really is my question to you all.  Which of the fabrics should I use as the border and how wide should it be.  It currently measures 44x 55.

When I showed it off to my 7 year old granddaughter, her eyes just light up and a `WOW! I really like that` was her response.  Just goes to prove that ugly old Fabricland fabric can thrill someone.

What I also discovered while completing the top is……  I was a terrible piecer in the beginning.  No consistency at all.  I`m amazed I got the blocks together without too much distortion.  (Don`t look too close for matching points….a lot of them aren`t there!)

When my longarm comes back from her spa trip to Utah, I`ll put it on the frame and finish the quilting. OR, maybe I`ll get some Pearl cotton and hand quilt a large stitch as Mary suggested….. she used `Pearl Cotton no. 8 with a number 24 chenille needle`.

For my Mother`s quilt……well, I have a friend who loves hand quilting and we trade services

I’m linking up with the host of Throwback Thursdays…………Sandra Walker over at Musings of a Menopausal Melon



7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Hi Linda! I’m with your granddaughter – WOW. Look at the movement in that quilt. How cool – you can almost feel your hair blowing from the whirling. You vacay with your friend sounds like fun! Happy Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. There is a lot of movement in this quilt and it looks pretty awesome despite what that fabric looks like in that photo just of fabric. Sometimes when you pick up an older project it’s amazing to see how much you have improved. Makes you feel good in a way.

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  3. It has SUCH transparency! Do you see that? It’s like the Tippy Canoe(?)-type block is on top of the striped kind of square Wanta Fanta(?) blocks and where they overlap it’s darker. Maybe you weren’t as good a piecer as you are now, but you sure did choose some great fabrics for this. How wonderful that your granddaughter loves it so much. That is the best! As for border, hmm, I think I’d do two or three to mimic the stripes, maybe a softer mauve inner border and then the darker floral and use the stripe as binding? btw I LOVE how you have created a woven effect where the stripes meet! Thanks for linking up with TBT!

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    • Yes, I now see the transparency. It’s like a wrought iron gate. I also noticed the crossed canoes. I have down one of those and will post it to TBT next month. I had no idea what a Wanda Fanda quilt was, so I googled it. Yes, it’s similiar. So many patterns are basically the same just tweaked here and there.


  4. Wow indeed! There’s something—I don’t know if I have my time period right—so Art Deco (?) about this! I’m struck by the graduated colors and the stripes meeting in the corners. I really like how quilts using the same patterns with fabrics from different time periods can look so different from each other. Both beautiful in their own way. Of course I had to go back and read your previous post about discovering the history of the pattern of your mother’s quilt. Fascinating! I’m terrible at figuring borders, but I’m thinking repeat at least one of the solids and then use one of the darker purples for the binding? (I love stripes.)

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    • My finished ‘whirl’ quilt really took me by surprise. I never thought it would be that bold. I too am fascinated at the difference fabric choice can make to a quilt pattern. Sometimes it’s hard to see that they are the same pattern.


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