The Other Half of the Trade

I traded services….  and  Finished my half of the trade.

At the last guild meeting my friend brought back the part of the traded services (my quilt) that she was working on.  In case you don’t remember and haven’t check out the links above, we traded quilting services.  I machine quilted two of her quilts.  She was to hand quilt one of mine.  Oh, did she ever do a spectacular job.  See for yourself…….

Winding Ways 1

She even completed the bias binding…….Amazing work.

Winding Ways 3

I just love this quilt….always have even as just a top.  I love the way the intersecting circles play with your eyes.  What a great use of scraps.  The only planning I did for this quilt was to ensure that the 2 fabrics in each block were co-ordinated.

This is a quilt I hand pieced while solo camping about 20 years ago.  I knew it needed hand quilting but wasn’t sure my arthritic fingers were up to the task.  Along came Gail and she offered to trade services.  How could I say no to that.  I truly believe I can out on the better half of that deal.

Better still…….. After the summer break she is willing to trade services again.  This time mine will be the scrappy Apple Core (again, pieced while I was camping.)

Happy Quilting


6 thoughts on “The Other Half of the Trade

  1. Wow, this is absolutely stunning!!! Your friend has real talent, that hand quilting must have taken a lot of time. Looking forward to seeing your Apple core one completed too!

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  2. Hi Linda! WOWEEEEE – she did a fabulous job. It looks so great you almost think it was machine quilted. Isn’t it just a great thing that you are both so happy with the trade?! Really a big win/win all around. I can’t wait to see the next trade items. Happy Monday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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