Progress on Fireburst Mystery

Fireburst Mystery Part 1

Piecing is finished for the first set of instructions.  When I was cutting my fabrics I didn’t quite have enough of the background batik.  I had originally thought I could piece together enough for these blocks, but try as I may I couldn’t eke them out.  So I have substituted another batik for the last four 9″ squares.   I’m hoping these substitute pieces will be evenly placed in the pattern and therefore not stick out like a sore thumb.  When it’s a mystery I guess we just wait and see.

A bonus from the cutoff pieces of the Half Flying Geese….

Fireburst Mystery Part 1

I sewed the cutoff pieces together and came up with 2 pinwheel blocks.  Maybe I can incorporate these and the tiny bit of original background fabric that is left into my backing.


Happy quilting



One thought on “Progress on Fireburst Mystery

  1. Hi Linda! We just got ours sewn together, cut and trimmed today too. Sue posted something on IG for the first time – well actually I did it for her since she took the picture. I’ll have to share it on FB though. Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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