Good Morning Sunshine

Yesterday’s quilt was Day is Done.   Today’s quilt is Good Morning Sunshine.

Good Morning Sunshine is a finally finished wonky log cabin UFO.

sunshine 7

I love the idea of “wonky” because you don’t have to measure anything.  The strips can be cut freehand .  Nothing needs to be precise.  I even chain pieced the strips onto the 10 1/2″ square flannel foundation. Just like paper piecing except you don’t have to remove the paper.   Because it is done on a flannel foundation, no batting will be required when I quilt it.

log cabin quilting design

When I was looking for something in my very cluttered sewing room, I came across this little quilting design from someones blog…..I discovered later it was from Cindy Roth  back in 2012.

I  asked you to wish me luck when quilting because feathers and I don’t always get along.  It is something I have avoided while machine quilting.


sunshine 4



Well, I can say for a feather beginner, I didn`t do too badly.  The spines are wiggly, the feathers somewhat wonky, but overall it does resemble Cindy`s drawing..  I am pleased with the effort.

I haven`t totally mastered feathers yet, but I can do them in all directions and am feeling much more confident.

One thing I did do this time was mark the spines onto the quilt.  I don`t normally mark my quilts.  I`ve always worried about the ink not coming off.

sunshine 9


I used  Mark B Gone.

After the completion of each row, I used a piece of wet batting and rubbed it over the blue mark.  The ink was easily removed.


sunshine 3



Because this quilt was pieced onto a flannel foundation, batting wasn`t required.    I used a double layer of canary yellow flannel (yes, it will surely wake you up in the morning yellow).  If I was doing this again, I think a single layer of flannel would be enough.


The quilting design showed up nicely on the plain flannel.sunshine 2


3 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine

  1. Hi Linda!
    Well, this sure turned out great, don’t you think?! I love that quilting pattern drawing (and PINned it from your last post). I have never tried feathers although I hear LOTS of people love making them. Not only do I think your feather look fab, but I think it was very brave to make them on a solid fabric where there’s no design to hide any mistakes! You are my new feather hero. And fabulous finish too! Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the positive reinforcement regarding my feathers. I just decided it was my quilt and I had to practice them, so go for it. It will be a good “look how I have improved” sample for the future.

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  2. I think it looks wonderful! I make a lot of log cabin blocks from scraps, as leader-ender blocks, and they are wonderful. I don’t put anything at all behind them, just sew strips on, and square up now and then. It’s wonky, after all! The feathers look super, and what a great pattern for a log cabin. I did a lot of feathers with my longarm, but I don’t do much FMQ, so I probably won’t try it, but I saved Cindy’s idea anyway. You never know when you’ll change your mind!

    Liked by 1 person

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