Day is Done

So many of my first quilts haven’t been blogged about, so I’m going to try to bring them forward and add my comments.  As with many of my quilts, this one was made about 20 years ago, but not quilted until 2015.  I have difficulty finding the “right” inspiration for the quilting design. Or maybe it’s that I get sidetracked with a new idea.

Day is Done

During my turn on the 2018 New Bloggers Blog Hop, I received many comments on the cursive writing I did on my O Canada quilt.  That wasn’t the first time I have written on a quilt.

My first attempt at cursive writing was with the quilt above named “Day is Done”.  A simple, traditional Roman Stripes block was used to create the main design of this flannel quilt, then a few thin inner borders were added and finally a plaid outer border. Nothing fancy, but I still find it a very striking pattern.

I have used the lyrics of a “taps” I sang as a Girl Guide as inspiration to enhance the simplicity of the blocks.

Day is done, gone the sun

From the lakes, from hills, from the sky,

All is well, safely rest,

God is nigh

Each main block contains a “Setting Sun”.   Using my cursive style I have continued the theme by writing the lyrics on a thin inner border around the quilt.

Day is Done detail 2

The “Setting Sun” motif is repeated around the outer border.

Day is Done detail 1

I did such a good job of matching the thread colour, you can hardly see the design in the outer border. That’s OK, just knowing the detail is there is fine with me.

The quilt is flannel front and back with warm and natural batting…….it is a heavy quilt but perfect to snuggle under when day is done.



5 thoughts on “Day is Done

  1. I have that orange and yellow plaid flannel! I used it to make stuffed pumpkins for Thanksgiving decorations, bought it in Lethbridge many years ago. I think I once said to you that I too love doing cursive writing on quilts. I love the suns that you quilted in this too. I hope you’ll link this up with Throwback Thursday which will be next Thursday, the first Thursday of every month. It’s a beauty, hard to imagine on a hot humid day wanting to snuggle under it LOL

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    • Hi Sandra….I still have a lot of that flannel left. It must have been a Fabricland special at one time.
      I have marked my calendar to link up with Throw back Thursday…..



  2. Hi Linda,
    This is such a striking quilt! It look so modern yet traditional at the same time. Your quilting of the sun in each block is so nice, and I love that writing/saying around the border. I’m glad you had time to share this with us! ~smile~ Roseanne

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