Who’s got scraps?

Wildest-Dreams  from Quilt collector: Miriam Kujac. Finished quilt: 75-1/2″ square.

I love how in vintage quilts the makers used  double pink or chinese red or mint green as their background colours.    Definitely easier to keep clean especially when used as a utility quilt. Definitely adds life to these quilts.

I think this is a perfect quilt pattern to use up some scraps.  I’ve had my eye on this quilt for some time.  Soon, I’m going to do a clean out and sort of my very small studio.  I don’t mind cluttered, but it has gone further than that. It’s forced me out onto the dining room table.  It will be the perfect time to sort my scraps into colours, then into lights and darks.  Perhaps more bins will be required.

It’s a very simple pattern…..just triangles sewn together to make larger triangles (watch colour placement). Then two of the larger triangles sewn into diamonds (watch colour placement).  Then 8 diamonds sewn into a star (watch colour placement).  Finish the block by setting in 4 corner squares.  I think the beauty of this quilt pattern is that there is no definite size to the triangles.  They just all have to be the same size…say 2 1/2″.  Make them fit what you have, that’s what our ancestors did.  If you feel you really need a pattern, you can always purchase one here .





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