Retracing my steps…

Succulent Path  is a free pattern from Windham Fabric by Sarah Sharp .  On my travels this morning it caught my eye.  I must still be in Drunkard’s Path mode because this Clamshell pattern is very similar shape.  Maybe it was the colours, not sure, but it looks interesting.  Lots of pieces, but I think  many fabrics, same families makes the party fun.

Succulent Path by Sarah Sharp of [no] hats in the house

Now back in 2016, I designed my own clamshell quilt.  Mine definitely has fewer pieces, but the colours are similar.  I chose the printed fabric first, then found fabrics to blend with it.  I find I can’t go wrong that way.  I hand cut and machines pieced all the clamshells together. I love sewing curves, but I still need to use pins.  Each clamshell was quilted with a different design.

Modern Clamshells

I’m going to look and see if I have any fabrics left over and maybe??? do a Succulent Path… we regularly repeat using triangles in our quilts, why not clamshells?

2 thoughts on “Retracing my steps…

  1. Hi again,
    Two posts for me to read today from you! Wow – your colors are so close to the Succulent Path colorway. I sure hope you do have some of these left because they are lovely. I can see why your were drawn to the pattern and it must have felt very familiar! ~smile~ Roseanne

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