Progress report on Log Cabin

log cabin progress


40 of the 56 blocks have been sewn and trimmed to 10″.  Only another 16 to go.  That will give me a quilt approx 66″ x 76″

Now is the time I start thinking of how to lay it out and how to quilt it to the best of my abilities.  Hopefully that is being stretched each time I put a quilt on the frame.

The layout has been decided……..see previous post




Now the “How to quilt it”.  That old “quilt as desired” that used to drive me crazy.  Usually if I think about it for awhile and the answer comes to me.  Sometimes quite by accident.  That’s what happened this time.  I was looking for something in my very cluttered sewing room and came across this little excerpt from someones blog.

log cabin quilting design

Now, these days (since starting a blog) I would give credit to the author of the words and design that I copied.  BUT, I’m embarrassed to say, that way back in my surfing of quilting sites days, I copied info but not where I found them.  I was only going to use it for myself as inspiration was my justification.  I know better today, so if anyone recognizes this design please let me know and I will definitely give credit where it is due.  In the article  “One of the “things” she did was being a contributor to the “Fresh Ideas” column in the “On Track “magazine produced by the International Machine Quilting Association. ”

I GOT LUCKY…. I googled the information I had and I found the talented lady……Cindy Roth  back in 2012. (click her name and it will take you to the blog post she wrote. ) So thank you Cindy, I am going to use this design for the quilting of this log cabin.  Wish me luck.  Feathers and I don’t always get along.







2 thoughts on “Progress report on Log Cabin

  1. Hi Linda,
    Wow, I’d say that is some luck finding that post! You’d better go buy a lottery ticket – that really was a needle in a hay stack. What a great way for quilting this log cabin block/quilt. Hmm, I have not tried feathers although someone (maybe Gail?) was just saying that was her favorite pattern to stitch – it was so easy for her. I look forward to seeing this one complete – I love all the fabrics and color combination. ~smile~ Roseanne

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