2018 May Colour Challenge

The last time I completed and posted about the monthly challenge I said I was Late for the party.   That was in March.

Well, I missed April.  I now have to catch up on 3 blocks.  BUT, I have managed to complete the May block early.

2018 colour challenge May

The May colour challenge was green.  How appropriate.  It took Mother Nature till now to give us some green grass.

I had some leftover green fabric from when I made the Quilts for the Broncos.  I like this idea for the block to be completely one colour.  It should make an interesting sampler when completed.

Now I have to wait until May 24 before I can submit it.  Will I remember to do that?


Here is the  block from March:2018 colour challenge_ March

4 thoughts on “2018 May Colour Challenge

  1. HAHA! You can schedule your post now for the 24th. Write it all up, add the picture and whatever and either leave it as a draft if you have to wait for the link itself to put in the post. Or schedule it if you already have the link. I love this block! Very pretty – next time show us the other month blocks that you have finished?! I’d love to see how this is coming together. ~smile~ Roseanne

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