Fireburst Mystery Quilt

This Mystery Quilt is being organized by Tish who blogs under

The details for the mystery  lays out the proposed time frame.

Tish has written a wonderful post on colour to help assist with our fabric pick.  I found this extemely helpful.

That post also included fabric requirements.

Now for my fabric picks.

When Tish was first inquiring who would be interested in participating in this Mystery Quilt, I somehow got the impression that our colour choices were to be associated with our birthstones.  I thought that was a very challenging idea, because not all birthstones are “pretty”.

My birthstone is the Peridot.  I’ve always thought of it as a washed out green colour.

When searching for appropriate colours of fabric for the mystery quilt, I discovered that the Peridot is a beautiful gem stone in many varied hues of lime green.

Hopefully my fabric picks will work…… I’m going to email Tish to ask her opinion.

Birthstone Mystery fabric




8 thoughts on “Fireburst Mystery Quilt

  1. I really like all these greens together! I originally thought it was birthstone-associated as well, but I was glad to learn it wasn’t! I’m December and there isn’t really a consensus on what that birthstone is; I’ve seen different answers. I had a friend in high school who was Peridot like you, she used to call it “snot green.” I think your greens are lovely and I can’t wait to see how it looks sewn up!

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  2. Mine is also peridot, but I’ve always loved it. There’s a mine on the Apache lands in Arizona, and I’ve seen so many beautiful pieces of it, but I think the only one I own is in a bracelet, and it’s just ONE of the stones! Green is also my favorite color, so I’m predisposed to like these fabrics. =) If you aren’t sure there’s enough value variation, change the color to black and white and see how the contrast is. Love the batik background!

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