Progress on a UFO

Yellow and Black Log Cabin _Sandy Lindal workshop

Two years ago I attended a workshop by Sandy Lindal  for a wonky log cabin done on  a flannel foundation.  This year I have just finished a workshop by Sandy for Stashbuster ideas.  I still haven’t finished the quilt from the first workshop.  So, instead of starting a new project (and possible UFO) using the new technique,  I just took notes and pictures during her instructional time.  When everyone else got to work on their new projects, I pulled out my UFO from 2 years ago and started working on it.

My ears were always open to what she was saying and the tips and ideas she was giving for the new project.  I just jotted them down and kept on working on my UFO…..I got 10 more blocks completed during the afternoon.   I love the idea of “wonky” because you don’t have to measure anything.  The strips can be cut freehand .  Nothing needs to be precise.  I even chain pieced the strips onto the 10 1/2″ square flannel foundation. Just like paper piecing except you don’t have to remove the paper.   Because it is done on a flannel foundation, no batting will be required when I quilt it.

It’s about half completed now, and I still really like it.  It may stay a UFO for a little longer because there is some machine quilting I need to get done before our local quilt show in June.  I think I will play with the block layout some more and see what other interesting arrangements I can come up with……any ideas?


5 thoughts on “Progress on a UFO

  1. Good Morning!
    I just love this project! This colors are so of my favorites together. You could lay it out in stripes of colors – yellows going diagonally down and then grays, then blacks – kind of like waves. That’s all I’ve got! LOL ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Linda, loved your story and your maple leaf quilt is wonderful. I looked at your fellow blogger’s post to check out he maple leaf quilt. What an inspired idea. Well, I’m off to check out the rest of the blogs for more inspiration!

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  3. If you search online for images with “log cabin quilts” you’ll see lots of layouts, I bet. This project is just BEGGING to be a leader-ender project among your other sewing goals. I don’t even cut pieces for this kind of block, just use whatever size leftover strips I have!

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