What a pleasant surprize….

This morning I was visiting the blogs of other participants in the 2018 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop.  I not only read their introduction post, but I wandered all around their blog or website.

When I came to Nicole, who blogs at Handwrought Quilts , I couldn`t stop staring at the quilt she designed for her local guild to enter into QuiltCon Charity Challenge    ……..     Maple Spirit.

As a fellow Canadian, my heart began to swell.  It just screamed CANADA to me.  The simplicity of the quilt called to me, the colours so perfectly represented our maple leaves in fall, the hidden details of the background …..so subtle yet so effective.

Thank you Nicole for sharing this quilt.  I wish more Canadian could see it……



5 thoughts on “What a pleasant surprize….

  1. You are so right that that is an amazing quilt; when I saw it on her post, I do believe I gasped out loud, and yep felt my red Canadian heart swell too! btw saw your fabric pull for Tish’s mystery – such pretty greens, especially that background! I’d maybe switch out one of the non-background ones just for a contrast? Just a thought, take it or leave it! I haven’t even pulled mine yet…

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    • I wondered about that and asked Tish what she thought…….Like you she thought I could change a colour, but David thought it was OK. so I think I will go with it and see how it works out. Nothing lost…..I love all quilts.


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