President’s Challenge finished

Back in September, the outgoing President of one of my local guilds challenged members to create a quilt from a picture.

…….using this picture as inspiration, I created the lap quilt below.    I had called it


Presidents challenge finished


I am also calling this quilt…..All the things NOT to do……. an example for the HRT classes I teach.

Look closely at the “not matching” points.  Creating this HRT  quilt was an experiment.   I again used the tutorial from the Modern Quilt Guild.  It worked really well in my first HRT quilt where all the HRTs were going in the same direction.  It didn’t dawn on me that the HRTs I had created from 5″ charm squares wouldn’t fit properly when I rotated them.  To rotate the HRTs your height and width ratio must be 2:1.  The starting rectangles were 2:1, but it was supposed to be the finished HRTs that were 2:1.

So, rather than waste all those HRTs, I thought I could trim them to size.  As you can see, it didn’t work to well……a lot of the points just wouldn’t match.  Of well, lesson learned.



3 thoughts on “President’s Challenge finished

  1. Well, who would have known?! I think it looks great – I’m not checking your points, but rather enjoying the piece as a whole. I love the fabrics you chose – it looks like all around fun to me. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. I was instantly attracted to the quilt. It doesn’t matter if some points are cut off, it’s part of the charm of the quilt design. Who ever heard of an onion, red or otherwise, where all the layers were the same width or all the rings the same diameter? =)

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