Again, tucked away but not forgotten

There are things to be said about declutttering, getting ready to make the decision to downsize.  I’ve lived in my home for 37 years, so it does hold a few treasures that I don’t have room to display.

I knew I had five old sewing machines in a closet, but hadn’t looked at them in some time.  A friend is looking for an old machine, so I told her I would look at mine and see which one I would be willing to part with.  I reality, I don’t have room or need for 5 old machines.

Here’s what I found in the closet.   From the serial numbers I have determined they were all built in 1948 right here in Canada.

Singer 221         Singer JC274556

Singer JC373815             SingerJC144689

Aren’t they pretty?  They are all different.  One has the shuttle bobbin and instruction book for models 127-3 and 128-3, one has an  extra long throat.  Two come with curved wooden covers.  I love the little green machine…original colour.  I think it is a model 221….

Not sure if any of these are valuable money wise, but I know my friend would value one for sure.  Which one to choose?

7 thoughts on “Again, tucked away but not forgotten

  1. Hi Linda,
    37 years in one place – I’ll just bet your house holds a lot of treasures. Ones that you cannot display and probably some that you have forgotten about. I can’t wait to hear which one your friend picks – or you let her pick. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. You have some distinguished ladies there for sure! I sucked in my breath quite audibly (I honestly think it’s a good thing I don’t read blogs in a public place ha) when I saw your pale green Featherweight girl! If you might want to find a new home for her, I’d love some more information…. She’d fit in nicely with my girls! I just adore my Singers, have to get my grandma’s treadle going. Too many machines, not enough time!

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  3. These are really beautiful! You should post a picture of your treadle one too. I remember being fascinated with it as a little girl, playing with the pedal and hiding “treasures” in the wooden drawers!

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