Progress report on Drunkards Path

Semi circles from posterProgress has been good on this Drunkard’s Path Variation. My templates for the circles have worked well.

It now measures approx 50″ x  54″

Now the interesting part.  I don’t have enough background to put the final 18″ strip across the bottom and do the 4″ borders around.  When I bought the fabric, I took what was left on the bolt.

It is a Colorworks by Northcott fabric.  I think it is #9000-940, but not sure.  So…..

Should I just stop here and call it a wall hanging?  I don’t usually do those.  OR, wait til I can find more fabric?  What are your thoughts?

I already have ideas for the quilting so I am eager to get it onto the frame.


7 thoughts on “Progress report on Drunkards Path

  1. Hi Linda,
    Good question! Do you have enough for the last strip across the bottom and then do something else for the border? Hard call – will you use it as a wall hanging? ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. Well I’m going against the flow and saying leave it! It looks done to me! Maybe I’m not seeing something? I am leaning toward no borders more and more in quilts…black, like white, is a tough colour to match, and remember there are dye lots (ask me how I may know this, ugh). I just love this arrangement of Drunkard’s Path blocks, totally new to me!

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    • Hi Sandra. What you’re not seeing is how the negative space at the bottom adds something to the overall quilt. It makes it asymmetrical… no borders, negative space, asymmetrical all modern quilt traits. AND I love modern. I don’t think I will be happy with the shortened version.


    • Hi again Sandra. Thanks again for your input. I’m going to try to get more. I noticed on Slack that I should also be replying by e-mail, so I’ll give that a try as well.


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