Finished my half of the trade

Here is the second quilt I machine quilted as my part of the traded services…read about that here.

trade with gail

The front of the quilt is very dark and busy so the quilting doesn’t show up much. The panto was a simple open E2E pattern called “Happy Times” by Lorien Quilting.

How could you go wrong you say?  This is my week for little “oops”.  Nothing big  or unfixable so far.

This past week a group of friends were talking about mistakes that have passed by the quilt judges and a ribbon was still won…. One quilt had an entire row of quilting missing.  It must have been the power of suggestion.  On final review of my quilting, I discovered my bobbin had run out half way through a row and I hadn’t notice.  Now I need to put it back on the frame, line it up and hopefully quilt the pattern in the proper spot.  Sure glad I take the time to check both sides….

5 thoughts on “Finished my half of the trade

  1. Hi Linda,
    Oh, shoot. No good deed goes unpunished or something like that. You were able to get this quilted for your guild lady quickly. I know she will be thrilled. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. I always struggle with what to quilt on busy quilt tops. This looks like a quick and fairly easy design. Running our of bobbin is the absolute pits 😦 You always think there is more on there than there is. Hopefully, you are able to get it realigned and stitched up pretty quickly.

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