I traded services….

A couple of weeks ago I did a trunk show at my local quilt guild.  The second and third quilts I showed were ones I had hand pieced about 20 years ago.  I had just started quilting and I thought that everyone who quilted made at least one hand pieced quilt.  I have two daughters, so that meant 2 hand pieced quilts.  I chose Winding Ways and Apple Core for my designs.  All the pieces were hand cut with scissors after marking the fabric using a cardboard template.  Could I get more old school?  The piecing was done during my camping trips that summer.   Then they sat for 20 years.

When I showed the tops at the trunk show I made an off the cuff remark…….” If some one would like to hand quilt these for me, I will machine quilt one for them.”      After the meeting a lady approached me and said “I’ll do it” .  We traded quilt tops at the next meeting.

Here is the final result of the top I quilted for my friend……I hope she likes it. I know mine is going to look beautiful.

20180312_143201  20180312_143230


7 thoughts on “I traded services….

  1. Hi,
    I think that is a fabulous trade, for both of you! I’ll bet the lady will be so thrilled with your machine quilting. I know I would, and I’ll bet you’ll get the chance to do it again. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Ask and you shall receive 🙂 I think it is pretty cool that you both were able to trade your specialties. You did a wonderful job quilting her quilt for her. Can’t wait to see how she quilts yours when you get it back.

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