Remember these scraps?……

scraps for BigBlock

They now look like this…..

Nov Big Block.jpg

As I said in my previous post HERE, I was going to use the March Giant Block from Kitchen Table Quilting as a starting point then modify it so I could use the scraps I had on hand.

I made the 36″ version of the block.

Because the individual pieces are so large, it was easy to rework the sections to use up my scraps.  Instead of three (3) 6″ x 6″ squares in each corner, I used 3″ squares to make 4 patches….It was also easy to flip some blocks around to accommodate a mathematical error I made while jigging the layout.  The striped fabric was intended to go entirely around the centre square but, the lines in the HST didn’t fit with 6″ x 12″ pieces, so I flipped the stripes to the outside.  I think it looks OK.

I still think the centre block is missing something…..maybe a duckie or a teddy bear.  If I ever give it away, maybe I’ll add a capital letter for the baby’s name.

3 thoughts on “Remember these scraps?……

  1. Hello,
    This looks great! I think you were very quick thinking in flipping the stripped fabric with the solid and it looks like it was supposed to be that way. What a fabulously quick baby quilt! ~smile~ Roseanne

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