O Canada

O Canada quilt backing

I started my sesquicentennial project back in early 2016 to make sure I got it finished for 2017 (Canada’s 150th Birthday) and for my local quilt guild show.  Life had other ideas.

Yesterday I finished piecing the front of the quilt.  I haven’t shown a picture of that yet because I want to quilt it first……then present it.

What I will show you is the backing for the quilt.  I love the map of Canada.  I have had the privilege to travel coast to coast in this great country and have fond memories of each of the Provincial capitals.  The quilt front is 72″ x 84″, so I need to do some creative additions to these panels to get them to the required size.  There’s also my label and a story about the quilt to add.  Each fills a letter size sheet of paper.  I think a little black sashing to join the pieces together, then a wide border of red to get to the required size.

I’m excited the do the quilting on this quilt.  I am trying something new for me.  I plan to do the quilting using the lyrics of a song.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

4 thoughts on “O Canada

  1. It is going to be beautiful. You will feel so wonderful when you step back and really look at it and remember the strength and determination that saw you through the past two years. 👏❤️ Hugs

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