I Tried something new…

“Pebbles” with my longarm.


I have held off doing the pebbles simply because I was afraid to do them.  I thought I would ruin a quilt top and picking them out would be very tedious.

Well, after I finished piecing this sample for the HRT workshop I am teaching, I decided that I had better get it quilted.  Of course, I checked out pinterest to see how others had quilted this pattern called “Twizzle”.  One showed pebbles so I thought I would finally give them a try.

In my opinion, the pebbles are a far stretch from perfect, but for a first try they’re OK.  There is no visual difference from start to finish.  Does that mean I made good pebbles right from the beginning or that I never improved?  I like to think the first. I found that I had to learn to maintain a slower speed.  I kept going faster and found I was losing control on the backtracking (especially when going around for the second time because I had missed my exit after the first go round).

I’m pleased with my efforts.  Pebbles are something I will definitely use again in my machine quilting.

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