Where inspiration comes from…..

I find it amazing where I get some of my inspiration from.  Once it was a picture of a rug in a magazine.  Today I was surfing pinterest and I found this design…..not a quilt, but a poster.

My mind immediately says……” I want to make that into a quilt”.

Modern Drunkard's PathNow the fun part for me starts.  There are no instructions because this is a poster…… so I jotted down a few ideas……

  • 5 colours plus black and charcoal gray
  • Each vertical row would be 6” x 12 rows + 2” borders = 76”
  • Each horizontal row would be 12” (2 DP) x 6 rows + 2” borders = 76”.
  • A larger top border could be added  (use to cover pillows) so that design sits flat against bed.


  • Do you use Drunkard’s Path templates,
  • OR,  do you insert half a circle (Bill Kerr has instructions),
  • OR,  do you applique circle onto a square and cut in half?

I have just finished a Drunkard’s path using templates.  So I think that choice is out.

The only applique I do is raw edge, so that choice is out…I want a smoother surface.

I think I will use Bill Kerr’s technique for inserting half circles.  It’s a cleaner approach.   Isn’t Iit wonderful we have so many choices in quilting techniques.

I originally found this method through a mystery quilt that Week Ringle and Bill Kerr from Modern Quilt Studio  created for AQS.  I think the year was 2010.  I found the pattern HERE

Modern Prayer Wheels

I’m not sure if that mystery quilt is available anymore, but I’m sure you will find his technique in one of their wonderful (and ad free) magazines.  MODERN QUILTS ILLUSTRATED .

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