Special Request

Special request

During my Christmas visit with my daughter in Calgary, I offered to make a new quilt for her new sofa.  She gladly excepted and went on to look for designs.  She is a very modern lady and chose a “modern mid century” design.  A trip to the local quilt store produced this beautiful array of “Grunge” fabric by Moda.

Now, I needed to create the pattern.  This was done entirely by guess work.  How wide should the quilt be?  Divide that measurement by 3 to get the measurement for an asymetrical layout.   How long should the quilt be?  How wide should the strips be?   Keep adding rows until you get the desired length remembering to always the check measurements on both sides to make sure they add up especially before you place a continuous strip edge to edge…..Ask me how I know.

I drew this design onto paper then had my daughter colour code each section.  That really did take some time…… so did cutting the strips and remembering to add seam allowances to each strip. Each strip was labelled with colour code number, width and length for easy placement when sewing.

It’s almost pieced now…..should finish it by the end of today………then to quilt.  Pictures of finished quilt will be coming soon.

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