A Drunkard’s Path variation…..

Last September when our quiltalong group met for the first time after the summer break, the ladies decided they would like to try curves this year.  The Drunkard’s Path block to be specific.  Either traditional or modern.

I couldn’t decide on an appealing setting.  I had already done a Drunkard’s Path quilt while on vacation in France. I called it Serenity in Siran because working on this quilt kept my sanity while waiting to hear if Air France had ended their strike and I would be able to travel home as planned.  I think those blocks are 4″.

Serenity in Siran

I didn’t want to do one so small this time, so I searched through pinterest and found a free pattern using the Quick Curve Ruler called  Cupcakes.

 What I really liked about this pattern is that I could use a precut layer cake ( a package of 10″ squares).  That would ensure that all the fabrics went together, PLUS, there was no waste.  I like that.

This is my top…..still to be quilted…….any suggestions?20180112_112859




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