President’s Challenge

The challenge…….using this picture as inspiration, create a quilted piece of work.

2017 Presidents Challenge

My first thought was…Yummy…..  My second thought was, I see pickled red onions…..avocados and cilantro ……chips, bread and beer.  Those were going to be the colours of my quilt….pink, light green and cream.   Now, what pattern?  I have just finished leading a HRT workshop for the guild  (see post here) and I have yet to finish one of the samples I was going to use.  Guess what colours are in the sample…….that’s right…. pink, light green and cream.  How perfect. Now for the sewing.  I had plans to make 300 HRT (maybe more).  That’s a lot of precise trimming and not a happy thought for me, but, now with this challenge, my enthusiasm for the sample quilt is high again.

I will call the piece   “Pickled Onions“.  I’ve already designed the label.

5 thoughts on “President’s Challenge

  1. What a great idea – to use a picture of food as inspiration! It will be good to see the quilt as it progresses!


    • It just needs quilting. I’m using it for a sample for a workshop I am leading in April……a sample that says “ask me how I know” will post pictures when it’s done.


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