Surrounded by Friends

Surrounded by Friends

This is the finished creation I started back in January 2017.  See my post here.

It was the start of my treatment and I had invited 5 friends to come join me once a month to create our own Burgoyen Surrounded.  Now I know this was not on any of their “bucket lists”, but, they all said YES and my therapy was started.  I think I soaked up the friendship more than sewing, but as we finished  our quilts, I too finished my treatment with SUCCESS.  I finally machine quilted and bound this beauty in September …..what a keepsake for me.

Here are a few of my friend’s completed tops…….. absolutely beautiful



5 thoughts on “Surrounded by Friends

  1. Awwww, I love this Mom! So nice that you have a beautiful quilt to remind you of the love and friendship that you carried with you during your treatment and recovery. I’m so thankful that you had all that love and support from your friends, and that you’ve now got a clean bill of health. BEAUTIFUL! All of it! B xo

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  3. Wow, well, the blue and green was not yours, but oh pink and green is a close second favourite colour combo for me. What a special quilt and special story with dear friends. So glad all of it was a success. 🙂


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