I lead a workshop

I lead a workshop with my local quilt guild on HRT (Half Rectangle Triangles).  The method I personally use and the one I demonstrated to the ladies was one I found on the MODERN QUILT GUILD website.  It was written by Latifah Saafir…….  Her tutorial is so precise and the pictures are a wonderful tool to help you work through the process.

The HRT is as versitile as the HST’

I tried to create different samples for the ladies to see.  I also suggested looking for HRT quilts on Pinterest.   I only demonstrated the technique.  The creative part is deciding what layout ?  what size?  what fabrics?  was left to the individuals.  Their creativity always blows my mind.  They range from very traditional to very modern, from quilts to table runners.

These are 2 of the samples I made.


Here are the beginnings of another ………………

HRT sample 1

…..stay tuned to see how it turns out.


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