I think I might enter a quilt…..

……. in the 2017 Pantone Quilt Challenge.  In all my years of quilting I have displayed many quilts in our local guild shows, but I have never entered any in a quilt competition.   I say I quilt for my own relaxation and creativity but perhaps there is a fear of criticism hidden down there somewhere.  So, I’m going to take a deep breath and enter this quilt in the Challenge.  The rules seem fairly simple, so why not give it a try.

Modern Garden Greens
80 x 88″

There will be three categories: minis, quilts, and just the top. Currently, I fit into the “just the top” category.  I call it “Greenleaves”.  Even though my cast has just come off my wrist, I don’t think I can quilt this in time for submission in May.

This top is from a workshop I took through my local guild (Gwillimbury Quilt Guild ) using the Melon Block Template from Elisa’s Backporch Designs.  Green is not normally a colour I gravitate towards, but I had a layer cake containing these modern fabrics and thought this was the perfect pattern to use them on.  It is amazing how many people have responded very positively to the colour of this quilt.

Back in early March, Jessica Skultety ,who writes the Wonky Press newsletter, sent out a request for pictures featuring green quilts.  I sent her a picture of my “Greenleaves” quilt and she not only gave me suggestions on how to longarm this quilt, but included it in her article called “The Sewing Circle”.  I think that gave me a little confidence boost.  Thanks Jessica.


P.S.  No, this is not an April Fool’s joke……

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