My next quilt is planned


I challenged a group of ladies to gather once a month and create their own version of this modern Burgoyen Surrounded quilt. Last month everyone came prepared, all at various stages of beginning the project. WOW! what beautiful colour choices. Some had sample blocks already made, some had chosen fabrics and needed to start cutting, some took this time to audition their fabrics and make their final choices, then there was me…… no fabric choices made. Next week is the month 2 gathering so I had to get my act in gear…above you can see my final fabric choices. Now my only  question is..”Can I catch up?”

3 thoughts on “My next quilt is planned

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing all the finished projects, and how different the same pattern can look. Enjoy this quilting journey with your friends! :o)

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  2. I love your colours! Cannot wait to see everyone’s Burgoyne Surrounded come together as we move towards our completed tops. Each quilt will be unique — as unique as each of the quilters. 😊

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