Gramma and Lucy’s Challenge Entry


The Challenge…….we were given a focus colour and either the colour black or white.    My bag contained red and white.  We could use any hue, tint, shade or tone of our fabric, but it could not contain any other colour.  Even with that restriction,  you had a large selections of colours to choose from.

This being Canada’s 150th birthday, I immediately thought of our wonderful flag….so off I went to the store to buy every shade and tone of red I could find in as many different textures of fabrics as I could find.  I was on a mission to make as may different Maple Leafs as I could.  My friend offered her “GO” cutter for the leaf shapes.  I fused 2 layer of fabric together with right sides out so my 3 dimensional leaves were perfect from any direction.  The same friend offered scraps of white embossed satin for the background…perfect.  Now I had everything I needed.

My helper (my 5 year old grand daughter) arrived for a visit.  Craft time is always on the agenda during her visits, so what better than to have her help make all these wonderful Maple Leafs.  Lucy turned the crank handle while Gramma kept the fabric straight in the press. Lucy separated the leaves from the scrap fabric and soon we had a huge stack of red Maple Leafs.  Placement of the leaves was the next consideration.  Lucy laid out the arrangement and Gramma stitched them onto the background flag she had previously prepared.

When Lucy was shown a picture of the finished piece of art….her Mom said “she clapped her hands immediately with a huge smile on her face. She is super proud of your duel accomplishment!”  Isn’t that wonderful.  The next quilting generation is hooked….


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