Quilting Resolutions

We had a great speaker at our local quilt guild meeting last night, Robin Bogaert from Quiltingintheloft .  Her trunk show entitled “My Quilting Journey” travelled back in time as far as mine. It’s fun to identify with “Oh ya!, I remember that.”  Robin is an active blogger and has been featured in Quilter’s Connection Magazine.  I checked out her blog this morning and found this interesting post.  The 18 resolutions are something I am going to try to work on.

Kind of a symbol to what we all do, take on too much and cram in too much in our lives.

Having said that, we all make resolutions and we try to keep them but I do believe it is an important process to put goals on paper.  As a list maker myself, I find writing down goals a sure way to get something done.  This surely does not mean everything, but it is a good starting point.

I will share with you my goals/resolutions for 2016 and encourage you to write down your own as a guideline to accomplishment!

My “Guideline to Accomplishment” for 2016!
(aka New Years Resolutions)
  1. Love your fabric, what you have and what you buy.
  2. Donate what you don’t love including your UFO’s (unfinished objects) and/or work on a charitable project!
  3. Bring healthy food to the next quilt gathering
  4. Drink tons of water when you sew.
  5. Get up and walk around every 20 minutes when you sew, give your back a break. 
  6. Love what you sew, never mind what others are doing
  7. Work on something that makes you happy.
  8. Sew what you want, no more obligation sewing.  Say NO if you can’t fit it into your schedule
  9. Accept all sewing compliments, say thank you and don’t point out where you went wrong.
  10. Compliment other quilters.
  11. Take a picture of your quilts or projects and put them in an accomplishment journal for 2016
  12. Sew and quilt how you want, not how someone else does it.
  13. Breathe and smile as you quilt.  Play happy music or have a movie on. Enjoy your special talent.
  14. Take a class or ask advice from another quilter and give yourself time and patience to really learn the new skill.
  15. Inspire others by sharing with them something you have learned
  16. Commit to working on one UFO every third month (4 this year)(if you have UFO’s like I do!!)
  17. Balance work with play as effectively as you can
  18. Sew if it makes you happy!
I sincerely hope that everyone experiences happiness and good health this year and that your creative spirit soars!

I think I might enter a quilt…..

……. in the 2017 Pantone Quilt Challenge.  In all my years of quilting I have displayed many quilts in our local guild shows, but I have never entered any in a quilt competition.   I say I quilt for my own relaxation and creativity but perhaps there is a fear of criticism hidden down there somewhere.  So, I’m going to take a deep breath and enter this quilt in the Challenge.  The rules seem fairly simple, so why not give it a try.

Modern Garden Greens
80 x 88″

There will be three categories: minis, quilts, and just the top. Currently, I fit into the “just the top” category.  I call it “Greenleaves”.  Even though my cast has just come off my wrist, I don’t think I can quilt this in time for submission in May.

This top is from a workshop I took through my local guild (Gwillimbury Quilt Guild ) using the Melon Block Template from Elisa’s Backporch Designs.  Green is not normally a colour I gravitate towards, but I had a layer cake containing these modern fabrics and thought this was the perfect pattern to use them on.  It is amazing how many people have responded very positively to the colour of this quilt.

Back in early March, Jessica Skultety ,who writes the Wonky Press newsletter, sent out a request for pictures featuring green quilts.  I sent her a picture of my “Greenleaves” quilt and she not only gave me suggestions on how to longarm this quilt, but included it in her article called “The Sewing Circle”.  I think that gave me a little confidence boost.  Thanks Jessica.


P.S.  No, this is not an April Fool’s joke……

Modern D9P


What a great modern take on a much used traditional pattern.   .

Creator of the simple change Kristy Daum says:

The block is fairly simple in that you are sewing 9 squares of fabric together and then quartering them.  What makes this “Modernized D9P” different is two things.

  1. Instead of using 9 printed fabrics in a single block, you use only 4; the balance is your background fabric.
  2. You use multiple Block Layouts in a single quilt. “

I think this quilt has made my bucket list.  Why not give it a try.




My next quilt is planned


I challenged a group of ladies to gather once a month and create their own version of this modern Burgoyen Surrounded quilt. Last month everyone came prepared, all at various stages of beginning the project. WOW! what beautiful colour choices. Some had sample blocks already made, some had chosen fabrics and needed to start cutting, some took this time to audition their fabrics and make their final choices, then there was me…… no fabric choices made. Next week is the month 2 gathering so I had to get my act in gear…above you can see my final fabric choices. Now my only  question is..”Can I catch up?”

Gramma and Lucy’s Challenge Entry


The Challenge…….we were given a focus colour and either the colour black or white.    My bag contained red and white.  We could use any hue, tint, shade or tone of our fabric, but it could not contain any other colour.  Even with that restriction,  you had a large selections of colours to choose from.

This being Canada’s 150th birthday, I immediately thought of our wonderful flag….so off I went to the store to buy every shade and tone of red I could find in as many different textures of fabrics as I could find.  I was on a mission to make as may different Maple Leafs as I could.  My friend offered her “GO” cutter for the leaf shapes.  I fused 2 layer of fabric together with right sides out so my 3 dimensional leaves were perfect from any direction.  The same friend offered scraps of white embossed satin for the background…perfect.  Now I had everything I needed.

My helper (my 5 year old grand daughter) arrived for a visit.  Craft time is always on the agenda during her visits, so what better than to have her help make all these wonderful Maple Leafs.  Lucy turned the crank handle while Gramma kept the fabric straight in the press. Lucy separated the leaves from the scrap fabric and soon we had a huge stack of red Maple Leafs.  Placement of the leaves was the next consideration.  Lucy laid out the arrangement and Gramma stitched them onto the background flag she had previously prepared.

When Lucy was shown a picture of the finished piece of art….her Mom said “she clapped her hands immediately with a huge smile on her face. She is super proud of your duel accomplishment!”  Isn’t that wonderful.  The next quilting generation is hooked….


Quilter’s Eye Candy

whales-2017-tokyo-quilt-festivalEvery year the Tokyo Quilt Festival is eagerly awaited by quilters around the world so we can drool over the absolutely beautiful quilts presented…..definitely an inspiration to enhance our skills and open our minds to new techniques…..Pictures of 2017 Tokyo Quilt Festival  have been posted by okanarts.com.

Grab that cup of coffee, put your feet up and enjoy the wonderful eye candy.  Pick a favourite and pick one that you would like to make….the one pictured is the one I’m going to try….



Update to the traditional Drunkard’s Path block


Missouri Star Quilts has a new tutorial for this updated version of a traditional Drunkard’s Path block.  The video can be here.  Such a simple update with a maximum WOW affect.  Now the block is a very modern 2 colour quilt.  Scrappy would probably look good as well….Bright fabrics in a rainbow of diagonal lines for that WOW factor…….. or muted pastels for the soft cozy calming feel to cuddle under with a good book and a cup of tea..

I’m also wondering if the Quick Curve Ruler by Sew Kind of Wonderful couldn’t be used in making the Drunkard’s path block.

Want to Join a Modern Quilt Along ?

Quilt Alongs are a great way to learn new techniques and explore new ideas.  Keeping your mind open to “new to you” ideas will definitely enhance your quilting experience.  For me, playing with new ideas is what quilting is all about….remember I’m the perfectly imperfect quilter.

Modern Quilt Along 2017 introduced by Simple Simon and Company will start in February.

What exactly is a modern quilt.  Check out this  definition from the Modern Quilt Guild.

Here is the schedule that the Quilt Along will follow if you’d like to print it out and put it up on your sewing space wall…