Perfectly Imperfect Quilter

That is me!  A Perfectly Imperfect Quilter!  And I’m OK with that name.  This journey is a process not a destination…..I’m enjoying the trip.  Each day I get more adventuresome with my quilting and try new and more complicated designs. Maybe I should look into this book.

“You can be a “perfectly imperfect quilter” like author Christa Watson or remember author Angela Walters’ advice that “finished is better than perfect.” Either way, you won’t want to miss out on all the amazing advice this pair shares in their new co-authored book The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting. In it, they share expert advice and encouragement on when, where, why, and how to use a long-arm or sit-down machine to finish your projects with flair. It’s a must-have resource guide for quilters trying to improve their quilting skills, no matter what machine they use.” 

This quote was item #8 at the following link:

Modern Dresdan Plate or Art Deco?

On my morning stroll around Pinterest, I found this new addition to my “Must Make” list thanks to

I’m an Art Deco lover so it’s natural I would like to do this.  I’m intrigued with the two different layouts.   Same block, just different layout. Which do you like is best?

christa deco pp orange 2nd viewchrista deco pp orange








This is a paper pieced block .  Using the  “flannel as the foundation” method taught by Sandy Lindal  might work well here.  I hate tearing away the foundation paper.  Sandy also showed us how to use a transfer pencil to get the pattern onto the flannel.

Here is the paper piecing template.

I am going to join parts A and B together when I transfer it onto the flannel.  The less seams the better.



Oakshott Lipari Blog Hop

This caught my attention………


isn’t it amazing…’s the link …17 May   Lynn Harris

I’ve got some Oakshott.  This is now on my ever expanding bucket list of quilts.

I always manage to get into the hop half way through…..not to worry, here is all of the hop for your enjoyment……….

5 May     Allison Dutton
10 May   Nicholas Ball 
12 May   Helen Purvis
17 May   Lynn Harris  
19 May   Kitty Wilkin  (now moved to 2 June)
24 May   Jessica Skultety 
26 May   Karin Jordan 
31 May   Elisabeth Vaughan
 …………………………………Off to Market now……….lol….the local farmers market!


I’m a little late for the Retro Party

Apparently there was a party back in 2011 to launch a new book…


This blog post is what caught my eye in the first place…..I have this thing for Art Deco!


Follow the link and you will get to day 6 of the party….(just 5 years late)

Scroll to the bottom for links to the other days.

I find these links are always inspirational.  The eye candy is wonderful


Workshop success


Here are some of the results of today’s workshop.  I did manage to make 8 blocks.  I think I like them.  Now I can see a strip that is in the wrong place.  I’ll have to fix that tomorrow.  That’s a 10″ block (unfinished), so I guess I have about 48 more to go.  Some of the remaining will be smaller blocks.  I think.  We’ll see how things develop.  Good workshop.  Good instruction.   25 different quilt ideas….wonderful inspiration.

I’m Taking a Workshop

Today I am getting my sewing things organgized for a workshop tomorrow with Sandy Lindal of  It’s a log cabin done on a flannel foundation.  I have chosen to do a modern version with greys and yellows……


The centres for all the blocks are to be the same, so I think I will use the large yellow flower in the fabric at the top left.

Really looking forward to finally using these fabrics.  They have been collected through out the last few years and I bundled them together knowing that at some time I will make a grey and yellow quilt someday.  Two other patterns I have in mind are “Taxi” by Heidi Pridemore at Timeless Treasures and “Metro Rings” by Sew Kind of Wonderful .



Another finish


One of our members passed away and her family has given all her unfinished projects to our Guild to finish and distribute as they see fit.  These were Log Cabin blocks.  They all had a “Betty Boop” symbol as the centre.  I sewed it together and then quilted it with spirals.  I will pass this on to our Outreach Committee.

Look what I found tucked away!


I was sorting through some storage places last night looking for an appropriate backing for the Houndstooth quilt and lo and behold I found this completed top and backing that was the result of the 2005 Round Robin from my Guild. The centre medallion is called a “Lover’s Knot”.  I had completely forgotten it even existed.  Isn’t that a shame.  The top really turned out lovely.  Far better than the first Round Robin I entered.  I have created a label that includes all the names of the ladies who completed each round and the comments they wrote in the journal that travelled around with the top.  This deserves some nice custom quilting so I hope I can do it justice.

Quilt as Desired ?

This has always been my stumbling block.  How do I quilt this?  I have recently found inspiration from  Kathleen offers a “Free Motion Friday” where she takes a quilt top and marks up how she would machine quilt it and why.  This step by step illustration has jogged something in my brain.  I need to break things down into smaller parts, then I won’t feel so overwhelmed.  (LOL..Just like housekeeping),  then I must just try it and see how it goes.  I’m good at Frog stitching .  My Houndstooth quilt might be next……stay tuned for the results.