Elizabeth Hartman…..

Elizabeth Hartman, how I love your patterns.  They are so whimsical.  Your instructions are clear and precise. I haven’t followed instructions in years. I usually write them.  So many piles of little pieces all labeled A to Z.  My sanity will definitely be thanking you later for that.  My arthritic fingers are the only ones complaining.  Those little pieces are hard to hold……I ask myself .. “do these critters really need eyes?”  But “yes” they do and those little “eye” pieces do get sewn to other larger pieces that the fingers can handle. Hopefully my sewing and arthritic fingers will do justice to your pattern.


Can you guess what it’s going to be?  I’ve used “Grunge” fabric by BasicGrey at Moda………….a purchase from my bus trip to Hamilton, Missouri  home of Missouri Star Quilts and Jenny Doan.  What a fabulous 9 days of touring in September with a bus load of fellow quilters.

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