Where has the time gone………

So much has happened and nothing was posted.  Part of the reason was my Special Secret Summer  Project.  My youngest daughter was turning 40 and I wanted to make a very special quilt for her.  All plans for the “surprise 40th” weekend party at the cottage were to be kept hush, hush and so was my project…..therefore no progress pictures.  I was told the colour theme was pink and brown. I also knew a group (tribe) of her friends would be attending for the weekend.  Camping has always been a special event with my daughters.  We have camped all over the world. So the idea of a tent (teepee) came into being.  How to combine everything?  Now the advantage of surfing pinterest came in handy……inspiration was found from Amy Friend at “During Nap Time”….   camping, tribe, teepee all combined in her wonderful quilt “Glamping with my Tribe”.  With a few of my own idea I made one seam flying geese (such a Canadian happening during September), drafted my own paper pieced teepee, and sewed up a few of my favourite items… Ann Marie Horner feathers (falling from the flying geese). Layout required the help of my oldest daughter, and soon the quilt was all together……


2 thoughts on “Where has the time gone………

  1. I LOVE this quilt and it will always be such a wonderful reminder of a super fun weekend! And I’m glad to see you back on your blog, I’ve missed your creative and inspiring posts!

    Barb xo

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