Finishing a very old quilt top


About 20 years ago my daughters gave me the large blue gingham fabrics for Mother’s Day. I did find co-ordinating fabrics in my stash and found this great pinwheel inspired quilt pattern.  I didn’t care for the large open white space (it was way before modern quilts and negative space were popular), so I added the blue triangles in the corners of the block to form a little stars.  I was very happy with the results and folded it up and placed it in the “to quilt” pile.  And there it sat for 20 years.  So sad.  It must have felt very abandoned.

Fast forward to retirement days and my promise to finish one quilt for every new quilt.  Well, “Glamping with my Tribe” was the new one and so “Pinwheels” has become the completed quilt. I’m so happy with how my practice quilting has turned out.  Each border has it’s own design quilted into it.  The background has a dense filler that makes those blue stars pop. The pinwheels  have a very simple continuous curve.

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