How to make an Interleave quilt….

Interleave #5: Tartan Tango 25.5×33.5″ machine pieced and quilted commercial batik cotton fabric and wool tartan fabric – detail

I have seen this quilt numerous times as I surf Pinterest.  It is something I say  I would like to do, but never investigate any further.  This time I did.

The quilt above was made by Lorrie Cranor and a tutorial can be found by clicking the link to her name. The vivid colours are quite striking, but I wonder what muted tones of brown streaked with the orange and yellow would be like.  An autumn forest perhaps?

Her tutorial looks very detailed which is always great.  It gives options for the design….easy for beginners and more graphic for the quilters who like a challenge…..that’s me for sure.

Once I get a few projects out of the way, I’ll try this one.  Now really, who am I kidding, I will just add it to  my list of quilts I want to do….Time alone will tell if I make it.  Shall we get together and do it as a sew along?

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