Inspiration Overload

I’m just back from 2 days at Quilt Canada.  I didn’t take any classes, but the demo quilts at the vendors booths and the actual Quilt show were amazing.  Styles to suit everyone.  Isn’t  that the wonderful thing about the quilting community.  So many techniques and so many styles.  Even if you don’t create in all the styles, you can still admire the quality and effort involved.

I think the highlight of both days was lunch with a group of friends from the guilds I belong to, then on to the viewing of the show.  Listening to all the various comments from everyone helped me view some of the quilts entirely differently than if I was viewing on my own. They took me out of my comfort zone and that is definitely good.

Juried shows still confuse me.  How do they decide who gets the ribbons?   Must be a mystery formula.  I saw many quilts that had technique and quality galore yet didn’t receive a ribbon.   The other thing that I found sad was the piecer received all the acclaim and the quilter received a little small footnote.  Why is this?  The beauty is created by both, yet only one gets the prize.

My journey through the vendors mall increased my stash by a few meters.  Needless to say there were many ideas planted in my mind as well.  That “quilts to create” list is growing larger.


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