Updating photos


What a huge task this was.  I am so grateful to my daughter and her friend.  We spent all of yesterday and half of today taking pictures of my quilts. Some of these quilts I haven’t see in many years. Pictures were taken of 35 bed size quilts and 8 lap quilts.  We staged quilts (trying to be as professional as we could), we hung them from racks (I got my days worth of exercise going up and down step stools) and of course there was lots of food and lots of laughter.  Now the editing begins.  When my daughter returns to Alberta she will go through the 400 pictures and pick out the good shots and upload them into my website.  I will continue to measure, price, make labels and write descriptions of each of these beauties.  I truly have been amazed at the work I have created over the last 20 years of quilting.  I must say they are pretty darn good.  They also bring back 20 years of memories.  Remembering the different workshops and techniques you have learned, all the new friends you have made, thinking about the new and varied paths your quilting has taken, and most of all the laughter that seems to be present at all quilt related functions.  I have been truly blessed………thank you everyone.  I’ll let you all now when the additions have been uploaded.

One thought on “Updating photos

  1. It was a super fun time Mom! I loved seeing all of your creations and hearing the stories that went along with each one. You are truly talented! B xo


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