Another FINISH!


Back in March 2004, I was the lucky winner of 21 Storm at Sea blocks through the Block of the Month draw at my Guild.  In April 2004, I sewed all the blocks into a beautiful top, choose the backing fabric, bundled it all together and placed it in the “Quilt as Desired” pile.  It sat there for 12 years.  Every few years I would revisit the pile of quilts and finish some, but this one kept on sitting….

My motivation to finish quilts has been amazing this past winter and spring .  Google images and Pinterest have been a great inspiration.  I thought I would use John Flynn’s straight line quilting for this top, but the undulating appearance of my curved lines seemed more fitting to a storm at sea…..being tossed hither and yon….

My label contains all the details including the names of the ladies who made each block.  So nice to keep that history with the quilt.  Good provenance.  Thanks Jean.


3 thoughts on “Another FINISH!

  1. One of my favourites. Love the colours and the quilting design you chose. One of those is my blocks 🙂


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