The Stash

Now that I have this wonderful space to display my 25 years worth of quilts, it’s time to take stock of these beauties.  Not only do I have a substantial fabric stash,  I have created at least 50 finished quilts over the years.  Some I have kept, some were wedding, birthday and baby gifts that have been given new homes. This week I will work on creating an inventory of all the quilts still at home…..take a picture, give them a name, make sure a label is attached, record size, tell their story, decide on a value for selling.  Sometime in June my daughter will come visit and we will update the website with all this new information.


I still have about 20 ‘tops’ that still require that oh so elusive “quilt as desired”.  I finished about 8 quilts last month when my domestic machine was in for servicing.  Ideas for quilting seemed to flow freely.  I also tried out the new pantographs I was given for Christmas.



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