Happy New Year everyone


What’s more appropriate than a Little Black Dress for New Year’s Eve?  This quilt by Mary Fons is probably the closest I will ever get to wearing a little black dress on New Year’s Eve.  Probably warmer than the tradition little black dress as well.  Apparently the pattern was in the Quilty magazine (Mary made the quilt in 2012).  My magazines aren’t organized in any fashion so it will take me some time to find the pattern.  My  solution to that problem, create the pattern myself….I do that a lot.  Whenever I see a quilt I like, I immediately look for the construction process and mentally sew the pieces together in my mind.  I’ll have to see if I can create these blocks with 5″ charm squares or maybe from a layer cake.

2016 has been a challenging year for myself and my family, but by supporting each other we have survived with our spirit intact.  Life challenges are meant for personal growth.  We all have grown.  Love to all. Happy New Year.

A Wonderful Christmas Gift


Six new pantographs to play with.  Some nice modern ones to try out on the modern quilts I have already pieced.   In the New Year I am going to have to really organize my time effectively.  Some for workshops, some for creating BOM, some for mystery quilts, some for creating improv quilts and some for working with my longarm.  The old practice, practice, practice is so important.  Looking forward to it.

A Free Day

No pictures today, nothing has really caught my interest lately. I’ve been busy with Christmas Pot Luck lunches and Sit and Sews with the three guilds I have joined.  Lovely ladies and lots of fun and laughter is always part of the day.  These ladies are not only talented quilters, they are wonderful chefs and bakers….so many goodies to choose from.

Today will be a sewing day for me.  I have a few projects to complete for Christmas, so this is the perfect day to get them done.  Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to sew I go………


the Canadian Sesquicentennial


The Canadian sesquicentennial is approaching in 2017. There will be lots of beautiful quilts made to honour our heritage.  This beautiful quilt, Northern Neighbors, by Deb Tucker , features intricate maple leaves and flying geese.

I have been working away on a special quilt of my own for the 150th for over a year now. It’s by a Canadian designer….I was hoping to have it finished for Jan 1st, but that might not happen. Life seems to be getting in the way lately. My intentions are good.


Combining UFOs

I love surfing sites on the internet, you just never know what will pop up.  Here’s something that caught my eye……

“Serendipity” by Laura McDaniel………”This is the quilt I love the most of all my quilts! I made NYB (New York Beauty) in 2006 and didn’t finish, then Japanese plus and x blocks in 2015. While getting tired of making those, I put the NYB blocks with them and this was the result!” 

Isn’t it amazing how 2 UFOs can combine to make such a wonderful scrap quilt.  I have all the Japanese X and Plus blocks, now I just need to make the scrap New York Beauties…..my “to make” list just got longer..

Block of the Month for the Guild

Last year we had a Canadian designer from British Columbia named Carol Seeley vist our guild. Her lecture and show and tell caught the attention of many.  Carol has designed a quilt that is created from a year’s worth of Block of the Month patterns.  She created each BOM as learning tutorials for members of her guild.  She has shared these tutorials with our guild.  As BOM co-ordinator, I felt I should participate and see how my quilt would turn out. Only one limitation…..NO NEW FABRIC WAS TO BE PURCHASED !!!!!  I’m at the stage where I have more than enough fabric in my stash, so now was the time to start using some of those beautiful bundles I have purchased and every so often visited and stroked. So, here’s the fabrics from the bundle I chose….


We are 3 months into the process and here are my results……

20161009_150424  20161009_154445


I wonder how it will turn out?   Stay tuned.


Elizabeth Hartman…..

Elizabeth Hartman, how I love your patterns.  They are so whimsical.  Your instructions are clear and precise. I haven’t followed instructions in years. I usually write them.  So many piles of little pieces all labeled A to Z.  My sanity will definitely be thanking you later for that.  My arthritic fingers are the only ones complaining.  Those little pieces are hard to hold……I ask myself .. “do these critters really need eyes?”  But “yes” they do and those little “eye” pieces do get sewn to other larger pieces that the fingers can handle. Hopefully my sewing and arthritic fingers will do justice to your pattern.


Can you guess what it’s going to be?  I’ve used “Grunge” fabric by BasicGrey at Moda………….a purchase from my bus trip to Hamilton, Missouri  home of Missouri Star Quilts and Jenny Doan.  What a fabulous 9 days of touring in September with a bus load of fellow quilters.

Finishing a very old quilt top


About 20 years ago my daughters gave me the large blue gingham fabrics for Mother’s Day. I did find co-ordinating fabrics in my stash and found this great pinwheel inspired quilt pattern.  I didn’t care for the large open white space (it was way before modern quilts and negative space were popular), so I added the blue triangles in the corners of the block to form a little stars.  I was very happy with the results and folded it up and placed it in the “to quilt” pile.  And there it sat for 20 years.  So sad.  It must have felt very abandoned.

Fast forward to retirement days and my promise to finish one quilt for every new quilt.  Well, “Glamping with my Tribe” was the new one and so “Pinwheels” has become the completed quilt. I’m so happy with how my practice quilting has turned out.  Each border has it’s own design quilted into it.  The background has a dense filler that makes those blue stars pop. The pinwheels  have a very simple continuous curve.

Where has the time gone………

So much has happened and nothing was posted.  Part of the reason was my Special Secret Summer  Project.  My youngest daughter was turning 40 and I wanted to make a very special quilt for her.  All plans for the “surprise 40th” weekend party at the cottage were to be kept hush, hush and so was my project…..therefore no progress pictures.  I was told the colour theme was pink and brown. I also knew a group (tribe) of her friends would be attending for the weekend.  Camping has always been a special event with my daughters.  We have camped all over the world. So the idea of a tent (teepee) came into being.  How to combine everything?  Now the advantage of surfing pinterest came in handy……inspiration was found from Amy Friend at “During Nap Time”….   camping, tribe, teepee all combined in her wonderful quilt “Glamping with my Tribe”.  With a few of my own idea I made one seam flying geese (such a Canadian happening during September), drafted my own paper pieced teepee, and sewed up a few of my favourite items… Ann Marie Horner feathers (falling from the flying geese). Layout required the help of my oldest daughter, and soon the quilt was all together……


Happy Reading

modern magazine weeks ringle

That’s my birthday present from my daughters that you are looking at.  Aren’t I a lucky quilter?  Books by  my favourite two quilters……These books are filled with their knowledge, tips to  help cut and piece, but what I find most important is their comments on colour and design choices.  There’s many hours of happy reading here plus lots of projects to try.  Maybe my stash will get a workout.